Design Factory Decor


There are loads of design companies, so you might have a logical question in mind – Why should I choose to work with Design Factory Decor Company?

We realize your concerns, especially because we are a relatively new establishment that began in 2016, but once you see our work and understand what we have to offer, we hope your hesitation will disappear. Our company started in Abu Dhabi – the inception happened after we studied the local market and its requirements in great detail.

What sets us apart from the rest is that designing is not just a way for us to earn a living, but more of a passion that we enjoy channeling into our job. Design Factory Decor is proud to have skilled and knowledgeable professionals on their team, with years of experience under their belt. We truly enjoy the challenge each project poses and the thrill of devising a solution. Be it residential projects or commercial ones – we can craft designs for anything. We prioritize our clients equally – your satisfaction is what matters the most.

We understand no two projects are same so the requirements and specifications are bound to differ. But all you have to do is tell us what you want and we will get it done. We are a decor company that specialize in customized solutions based on your needs, and rest assured you will be satisfied once the project is finished and won’t have any complaints in regards to our work. We concentrate on our designs and blending of ideas, opinions and tastes in an elegant and luxurious way to reach new and creative vision.

Expertly delivering superb results within the designated deadline and guaranteeing absolute satisfaction in our designs.
To establish Design Factory Décor as one of the leading names in the world of design and be known as the hub of creation and innovation.
Discrimination: Always strive for distinction in our thoughts, designs and work method with us. Creativity: We focus in our designs on the blending of ideas, opinions and tastes in elegant and luxurious way to reach new and creative vision. Quality and work accuracy: Always we aspire to give the client a high quality and finite accuracy in implementation of all decoration works after designed it and transfer to fit with actual proportion on site. Innovation: Always upgrading the decor level, imparted the spirit of modernity with fragrant harmony of the past and blending classic with modern. Continuous Improvement: We always study the work environment and seeking to take advantage from customer’s notes to develop and raise the level of dealing and quality of finishing.


Design Factory presents the best Interior/Exterior Designs with the best quality and precision standards in design, rendering and distribution shadow & lights with the harmony of colors to embody the idea of designs and give them the spirit of life, where we take the ideas, opinion and the client requirements for re-formulated in unique and elegant design meets the client needs, touch his taste and ideas in architectural way that embodies the reality of actual spaces.