Design Factory Decor

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Design Factory offer for interior decoration?
• We provide design, supervision, and turnkey execution services.

2. Do you have ready-made designs, or do you create custom designs based on client needs?
• Our creative designers work on crafting unique designs tailored for each client's requirements and preferences, considering the actual dimensions of the designated space.

3. What steps should the client follow to initiate a decoration project?
• The project begins with a free consultation session at our office, where we understand the client's needs and provide an initial assessment. Subsequently, we work on 3D designs and complete plans, and after design approval, we proceed to the execution phase.

4. What is the approximate budget required for a client to start a decoration project?
• The budget is determined based on the client's needs, considering the scope of work, approved designs, and details such as the type of materials used and execution methods.

5. Do you work with external contractors and technicians, or is everything executed internally?
• All work, including designs, plans, supervision, and execution of decoration works, is done internally by the Design Factory team, covering a range of tasks from gypsum and painting to electrical and wood works.

6. What materials do you use in design and execution?
• We use specific high-quality materials that align with the overall design, client requirements, and budget considerations.

7. Do you have experience with specific types of projects, such as residential, commercial offices, restaurants, and cafes?
• With over 12 years of experience, Design Factory has successfully handled diverse projects, including residential villas, apartments, commercial ventures, and governmental projects.

8. What is the expected timeframe for completing a decoration project?
• The timeframe depends on the size and complexity of the project, but we work diligently to ensure timely delivery with high-quality results.

9. Do you provide guarantees for the work you perform?
• Yes, we offer guarantees on the quality and materials used in our projects, and the duration of the guarantee varies depending on the type of work and materials.

10. What payment methods are available, and how are payments divided?
• Payment schedules are discussed with the client based on the project timeline, typically involving an initial payment to commence work, with the full amount to be settled during the project.

11. At what stage should the client communicate with you, and when is the most suitable time?
• It is advisable for the client to communicate with us in the initial planning stage, before finalizing plans with consultants. This allows us to assist in defining the initial ideas, requirements, and project scope, and to commence the design phases promptly.

12. What are the fees and costs associated with consultation and 3D design?
• The first consultation session at our office is free. Following that, a design proposal is presented after signing a design contract and receiving the initial payment. The 3D design phase is then initiated based on the stages of work.

13. Is there a discount on the design value if the client proceeds with the execution of the project with you?
• Yes, a full design value discount is applied, provided that all major decoration works are executed. For partial execution, the discount is proportionate to the volume of completed work.

14. Do you provide regular updates to the client on the progress of the work?
• Yes, Design Factory utilizes an advanced system for client relationship management, allowing clients to access their accounts to view contracts, invoices, payment schedules, project plans, work stages, and updates on completed tasks according to the agreed-upon timeline.