Wooden Works

We specialize in all wood and decorative works with high quality materials, a long-term warranty and competitive prices

Consultation and evaluation: The service begins with a consultation session with the client to understand his project and needs. The budget and technical feasibility of the project are estimated and special requirements are determined.

Custom design: Based on the information collected during the consultation session, a customized project design is created. This includes specifying technical details, materials used and dimensions.

Material selection and manufacturing: Suitable wood materials are selected and purchased based on the design. The wood is then cut and shaped and the
necessary parts and pieces are manufactured with the help of specialized wooden machines and tools.
Assembly and construction:
The manufactured parts are assembled and the project is built according to the design. This requires high craftsmanship to ensure precision and quality.

Finishing: Once built, the surface is varnished to create an attractive finish and protect the wood from damage and environmental factors.

Installation: The pieces are delivered to the installation location and installed accurately and securely.

Testing and warranty: Final tests are performed to ensure that the project is working properly and conforms to specifications. A guarantee is also provided on the quality of the work according to the terms and conditions in the Warranty.