Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who’s DFD Home and what are their services?

    DFD Home is a part of Design Factory Decor, serving as a unique factory for woodworking and distinctive decorative pieces. We specialize in crafting various items, including custom wardrobes, kitchens, TV units, bed units, seating, as well as artistic panels and all types of wooden and decorative works.

  2. Are you a company specializing in designing and manufacturing wardrobes?

    Yes, we design and manufacture high-quality wardrobes at competitive prices, catering to the client's needs and considering space and storage solutions.

  3. Do you design and execute kitchens?

    Yes, we design and execute distinctive wooden kitchens according to the client's requirements, focusing on both aesthetic and functional aspects with high-quality standards.

  4. What materials do you use in furniture, wardrobes, and kitchen manufacturing?

    We use various types of natural and engineered veneers (melamine) laminated on high-quality moisture-resistant MDF boards. Additionally, we use accessories, hinges, and high-quality metal slides of British manufacturing to ensure durability and ease of use.

  5. What steps should the client follow to start a wardrobe or kitchen project?

    Clients can initiate the project with a free consultation session with our specialized engineer to identify their needs. This is followed by the design phase and approval before commencing the manufacturing and installation process.

  6. What are the work stages at DFD Home?

    Upon agreement on the required work, we begin with the 3D design stage after taking measurements. Once the design is approved, our team transforms it into detailed execution plans. These plans, illustrating all dimensions and distributions, are then submitted to the client for approval before being sent to our factory to start the manufacturing process, followed by supply and installation.

  7. What is the approximate budget needed for starting a wardrobe or kitchen project?

    The budget is determined based on the client's needs and project details, such as the size of wardrobes or kitchens and the type of materials used.

  8. Do you offer a warranty on the furniture, wardrobes, and kitchens you execute?

    Yes, we provide a warranty on the quality of furniture, wardrobes, and kitchens, with a guarantee period of up to 25 years for moisture and water-resistant woods, depending on the type of work and materials used.

  9. What payment methods are available, and how are the payments divided?

    Payments are divided according to a mutually agreed-upon schedule with the client, including an initial payment to commence the work and the remaining amount during the execution period. We offer flexible payment methods, including cash, checks, credit cards, and online payments through secure payment gateways. We also provide a 4-installment system on the Tabby platform.