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Things to Stay Away from in Home Decor

Things to Stay Away from in Home Decor

Every housewife desires to own a home with a distinctive, eye-catching design that is dazzling for everyone, whether in the choice of wall paint, furniture or accessories. In order to do this, you must follow some basic rules of home decoration and avoid some mistakes that may hinder you reach to the shape of the house you wish. For this purpose, we present some of the famous mistakes that should not be done in your home decor.

Mistakes to Avoid in Home Decor:

1. Within a single room, avoid choosing many colors of walls. It is best to choose a few colors while trying to have these colors consistent with the room’s furniture.
2. Avoid the room to get stacked with many pieces of furniture. However, furniture must be proportional to the size of the room, leaving enough space to allow comfortable movement within the room.
3. Avoid decorating the walls with landscapes pictures or large paintings. This is a faded- out fashion and is not suitable for our time. It is best to choose small sized mirrors to decorate the room’s walls or simple panels with colors that match the colors of the room.
4. For a distinctive home decoration, the lighting should be evenly distributed inside the room. Avoid focusing the lighting on a particular place inside the room.
5. If the room has a low ceiling, do not activate the hanging kind of lamps because they obstruct movement within the room.
6. Do not exaggerate placing a large number of pillows on the sofas, so that they have a perfect appearance and be comfortable to sit on them.
7. When choosing room carpets, do not choose small pieces of carpets. The best picture of home decor is to choose a large piece of carpet, covering most of the room’s space.
8. One of the common mistakes is to select short curtains. However, it is best to choose long curtains whether for the kitchen or for the rest of the rooms in the house, that cover the entire wall.

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