The relationship between shops’ decorations and of sales

The relationship between shops’ decorations and of sales

In this era, the owners of shops are in a bigger competition, each one of them is trying to attract customers to his shop not only by providing goods, things became more complex, there are many shops nowadays, and what attracts the customer to the shop  depends on several factors, The most important of which is the shop decoration and the presentation and distribution of goods inside the shop

Shops decorations

There are some modern things to consider in the shops design to ensure attracting customers to your shop

  1. It is important that the decor matches the style of the goods, the decor of the clothes shop is very different from the decor of a car sales shop and differs from the perfume shop, and the interior design of the shop must be commensurate with the products.
  2. Lighting distribution is one of the most important things to consider in store decorations, as well as the use of lighting in different ways which helps to draw attention to something in the store, you can put some lights in the area of discounts within the store to draw attention to it, in clothes shops it is useful to add lightings above the mirrors where the customer tries the clothes. Good lighting in store decorations will make the goods clearer. Also avoid color lighting because it is annoying to the eye and uncomfortable for the customer, it is better to use the quiet solar lighting because it is more convenient for customers.
  3. Shop decorations play an important role in saving space and thus the customers feel comfortable and easy to move, because narrow spaces cause tightness to the customer, which makes him prefer not to enter the store again.
  4. Shop fronts are the first thing that a customer looks at. If it is bad, the customer often does not think about entering the shop. Unlike the Shop fronts with distinctive design  that attracts the customer and draws his attention to enter the shop.

Finally, the type and quality of the product you offer is no less important than the design of your shop, which plays an important role in your success.

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