Summer colors for The Lounge and the sitting room

The Lounge and the sitting room of the most rooms inside the house that have the care of the family, they often receive guests and gather family members in the lounge or in the sitting room for this attention by choosing beautiful summer colors that give a feeling of vitality and joy; and Things that need to be carefully chosen.

Summer colors for The Lounge and the sitting room :

Summer colors often give an atmosphere of joy and positive energy inside the place that’s why a lot of housewives are keen to change paint colors in the summer season to create a kind of renovation inside the house.

One of the most summer colors that fit the lounge and the living room is the yellow color, it gives a great feeling of vitality and activity inside the place and can be adopted that is essential for the wall, taking into account the coordination of the rest of the decor with yellow as a The room, or put some yellow flowers.

The Turquoise Blue Color of colors that suits the summer atmosphere and gives a sense of refreshment inside the room and is suitable for both the lounge and the sitting room, as it can be integrated with the green color to get a harmonious paint for the place lively and touch Attractive ones.

The Purple Red Color of the fiery colors to look and give a feeling of the summer, it can be used for the wall inside both the lounge room and the sitting room, taking into account the placement of some accessories, doilies or curtains containing red color to become all elements of the place In Harmony.

All shades of purple, whether light or dark, are very suitable for summer and give a feeling of vitality and energy inside the place.

Green-leaning to blue from colors that reflect a beautiful summer atmosphere especially if the furniture and accessories inside the room are proportional to this color.