To small office owners, here are some tips that will make your office looks bigger and more professional.

Some suffer from discomfort in work because of the small and narrow space of their office, but what some do not know is that the use of some appropriate office designs can make their offices look wider, more comfortable and warm. The solution here is to apply smart designs and do some simple tricks that will increase the size of your office.

To you in this article 4 Tricks and tips to make your office look bigger and wider :

Selection and order of office furniture :

You need to be very careful in choosing and arranging office furniture to make the most of the space available. If you don’t find furniture in the right size for you, ask for customized furniture that suits you well, every meter is important in narrow offices!

Office painting in bright color :

Office painting in a bright color like white, Beige, green, light or yellow, one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a sense of greater space. The bright colors also give a sense of motivation, activity, and positivity at work.

Using mirrors to create a sense of great space :

You will be surprised when you try this trick, with this simple idea you will get an office that looks bigger than its size, and the mirror will reverse the light which gives you an office with bright and beautiful lights.

The presence of a mirror is basically a beautiful decor for your office, but you have to choose a mirror with the right size and put it in the right place, and if you need help, the design company will provide you with a harmonious and beautiful with the most efficient decor engineers.

Replace the old paper pattern with electronic files :

The appearance of scattered leaves gives a bad view to your office, and also gives a feeling of narrow space in your office, so experts advise creating an electronic version of your files instead of paper. And by replacing those leaves you won’t need a closet to save leaves and therefore you will provide a huge space that makes your office look wide.

We know in these on 4 Tips If you apply it you will find that your office has turned into a wide office that you can accomplish all your tasks without feeling tight and stress