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Small modern bathroom decorations

Small modern bathroom decorations

Small bathroom decorations need to be creative in design and good in exploiting the available space

Below we will explain some of the smart tricks that can be done in small bathrooms decorations to add aesthetic touches to the bathroom and to solve the problem of the small area

  • The sink basin is preferred to be small in size as the basins in the shape of a dish. It does not take much space and can also be placed on any storage unit located inside the bathroom.
  • The presence of the window is necessary inside the bathroom even if it is small, because the window is a source of good ventilation for the bathroom, and it gives you a sense of a large size.
  • The free (not fixed to the wall) bathtub is a good solution if the bathroom area is small, and if it has irregular ribs that will be better to place it along the curvature of the walls and this of course will provide space to put anything else next to it.
  • The bathroom chair without a back provides plenty of space inside the bathroom. It is a suitable solution for the small area of the bathroom. It does not take space on the floor because it is fixed on top and at the same time, it does not take space on the sides because it has no back.
  • Making equal openings inside the wall provide a good space for placing many objects inside the bathroom such as shower tools and towels.
  • It is better to have a small bathroom not covered by any wall. It can be used as a storage unit under the basin, which should be open because its closure takes up a large area inside the bathroom.
  • One of the psychological tricks that will make you feel that the bathroom space is not small is to put the light on one side, which will make you feel that the lit area is large space
  • Always focus on the distribution of the health kits in the correct manner where the sink should be placed in the direction of the opening of the door and the chair of the bathroom in the hidden direction when opening the door.

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