Shocking facts about decor you’ve never heard of

We will present to you in this article 4 facts about decor that will look for you at first like its crazy thoughts that are not healthy, but you will be surprised when you know that these facts are correct and confirmed.

1- the color affects us more than we imagined:

New studies by experts of psychology have shown that different colors have specific effects on our marriage and feelings, for example, the study has shown that blue is reducing the appetite of eating, and it is recommended not to paint the child’s room in yellow or orange, it makes it more Prone to cry!

The Orange color also causes fatigue for the eye. The Red color also enhances positive vibes and increases appetite for eating foods
In the end, remember to choose the color of paint and the color of your furniture wisely!

2- for lighting impact on your health:

Light or intense lighting leads to the impact of the body’s natural sleep cycle, which may lead to fatigue when waking up.

Choosing the right lighting throughout the day will provide you with a relaxing sleep and a greater feeling of happiness.

3- having a beautiful view of the balcony of your home relieves your pain:

Recent studies conducted in hospitals have shown that a patient with a beautiful view of his window needs fewer medicines compared to those who do not get such a view.

Beautiful trees, flowers, and waterfalls are one of the best views you can get.

Make sure your home has a lot of windows with a beautiful view and you’ll be the winner of this!

4- the colors of the pillows do not have to match the color of the sofa:

The news may seem incorrect at first, but the experience is the best proof. But you have to take the pillow form into consideration, the shape of the pillow, unlike the color, must be consistent with the shape of the couch.

We spoke in this article about the incredible facts in the world of decor and its strong impact on our feelings and health, the design company takes all modern studies in psychology to consider and apply it in its unique and modern designs