Lights and methods of distribution in lounges

Homeowners spend a lot of time choosing furniture or paint color walls in their room, but they often forget the importance of proper lighting for the room.

Whether you want to improve lighting for a particular room or plan to renovate your home lighting in full, these following tips will help you distribute the lighting appropriately, especially in boards and lounges.

Tips when distributing lighting in lounges :

The concept of putting the layers of light is particularly important in the council room or the lounge, an area in the house where people tend to rally for long periods of time and practice many activities, including conversation and watching TV, reading, playing and using a device such as Laptop.

Lighting Designer Marcus, in Providence, RI “bouncing light “: says ” in the rooms where people spend a lot of time, I like to run out of the pharmacy lights, and use instead the lights that wear on the ceiling of the Yes Ambient Lighting ” because it creates a sense of brightness in the room, avoiding the shadows or the downward trend of falling lights means focusing on hidden lights as key lighting in boards and lounges.


The focus of lighting is useful to highlight the features of your living room such as art paintings or another accessory.

The spotlight is the most common form of targeted lighting, which means that it has small slots, ranging from three to five inches, to create a light beam that focuses on something beautiful.

2 integration of Lighting Decorative :

Lighting doesn’t have to be all practical. It’s better to light up artifacts like chandeliers or hangers with a little light to merge the lighting.


The Lighting of tasks simply allows you to complete the task comfortably, by providing the right lighting on the important thing. These lamps exist for practical reasons, it doesn’t mean they can’t be elegant too and add something special to your own space.

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