Prestige dining table and how to organize it

As we all know, the preparation of the dining table is almost as important as the food itself. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and instructions that will make your dining table look tidy and add appetite to the dishes.

Items Used to prepare the dining table :

Food Pots (Cups and dishes).

Spoon, forks, and knives.

Glass Pots (and vary according to tastes).


Elegant Doilies.

Here is also a basic set of rules to prepare the dining table :

Where the elements should be placed?

Dishes, and wipes an inch away from the edge of the table.

Dish – in the middle of the table

The fork – on the left of the dish

Napkin – must be either left to left, with folding on the left, under a fork, or on the upper part of the dish.

The Knife – to the right of the dish with the sharp blade you face towards it.

Teaspoon – to the right of the knife.

If there is a need for a soup spoon, it is placed on the right side of the small spoon.

Soup Bowl – may be placed next to the main dish.

Water Bottle – on the side of the fork , If a bowl of power is used, put it above the fork.

Cup or cup – to the top right of the spoon.

The following instructions should be remembered to make the dining table look more beautiful :

The table must be permanent to its hygiene.

You can use a special dining tablecloths that protect the table and hide the noise of glass pots and dishes.

For every occasion special tools and pots, you must remember them and not to neglect them in case of events, for example on birthdays you must prepare the table with special pots and other tools like ( knives, forks, spoon and napkins, etc.)

Use the necessary tools for the meal to put on the table. Therefore, many items and tools on the surface of the table will make it look random.

The central space must be attractive yet simple, things can be used such as fresh flowers, plant or fruits. Or even candles and must be lit by a flame above the eye level, make sure that the central point is low so that people on the table can see it; and be colorful with mixing the colors of the tablecloth and dishes.

Before you call the guests to the table, fill the water cups and get the bread out.

If you offer a salad, fill the individual salad dishes and prepare them everywhere. It is also preferred to save salad dishes in the fridge for a few hours to keep the pure green color.

Before serving dessert, remove all dishes, including salt, pepper and spice dishes.

With this article, we learn about the preparation of the dining table, and how to organize it, that all these points are no less important than the decor of the dining room, the way it is arranged and the consistency of it.