Modern living rooms 2018

Modern living rooms 2018

Paying attention to the decor of the living room is a very important addition to the modern home,   Living room is considered of the most important rooms inside the house, where the family is all gathered and also it is a place to receive guests, so attention to psychological comfort while sitting in the living room is important thing to take into account when choosing decorations for this the room

Tips for a modern and comfortable living room

  • When choosing furniture for the living room, it is necessary to choose comfortable and durable furniture. Seating in this room may extend for hours, to sit together or watch TV
  • The paint of the living room is one of the things that should be carefully selected and it should be a comfortable color for the eye that gives a sense of spaciousness and the most suitable colors for the living room are beige and blue, these colors are also very fashionable and all neutral colors suitable for this room. We also recommend that you stay away from dark colors in narrow spaces.
  • Add aesthetic and innovative touches to the living room for more psychological comfort, such as adding a basin of fish inside the room or green plants, whether industrial or natural, it gives psychological comfort and a distinctive and modern shape for the living room.
  • Pay attention to the lighting and curtains in this room, because these are things that give beauty and excellence to the place, and be careful when choosing the color of curtains to suit the room furniture and paint colors.

Tips for an organized living room

  • Make sure to put a trash can in the living room, and get rid of it at the end of each day.
  • If the family has children, a specific place must be allocated to play in this room. The room is not a place to play, and be careful to collect children’s toys in boxes, so the room is arranged and elegant all the time.
  • Seating can also be covered with fabrics of pleasant colors and proportionate to the rest of the place to protect them from dust and dirt, especially if you have children.

Be careful to use types of furniture fabrics easy to clean and practical.

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