The importance of interior design for the house building

The importance of interior design for the house building

Interior design is very necessary and important. It is an effective tool when equipping any house. It is a special kind of art that cares about the treatment of the place by using everything available to get a comfortable place for you and suitable to work. It is based on several principles, the most important of which is color consistency

In other words, interior design is that effective ability to change the place in various ways, relying on solving problems through the availability of materials and tools

Not everyone is capable to do interior design, but the designer must be familiar with colors coordinating, used materials, and everything relates to decor and design

Every place has its own colors and design that suits it, the designer must have a good taste and a good imagination of the hidden colors and details, familiar with the secrets of interior design, innovative and imaginative, He also must know about the classic and modern designs, so he can Combine them and create a distinctive new style

The interior design roots can be found in Roman civilization, Pharaonic culture, and Islamic civilization, so it is not new in Western or Arab civilization. The Heritpilic writings, which the Egyptian civilization is known by, and those symbols painted on the inner walls, are the beginnings of the art of interior design

The interior designer’s mission is to properly distribute interior design elements in a precise way to complete all the gaps, based on consistency and innovation through the coordination of colors on different degrees. Adopting the appropriate illumination and elegant shape

The colors and shapes and how to distribute them to complete the vacuum remains the basis on which the art of interior design is based on, which is only mastered by distant imagination and the owners of high sense