5 simple ideas to exploit dressing room space

The dressing room is an absolute luxury, who does not want to store all his clothes in a stylish way and to classify his shoes beautifully. We will introduce you in this article a 5 simple ideas to exploit this space correctly, we will make you wear your clothes in the morning as easy as possible!

Get rid of anything you haven’t used for more than a year :

Instead of wasting your time in order what you don’t need, and don’t exploit the whole space, you get rid of the things you no longer need, like (clothes that don’t suit your size, clothes you don’t wear, clothes that have become worn and clothes that no longer fit your style anymore, etc…) all that you can donate in any used clothing box.

Don’t abound holding :

We may sometimes build a comment for everything, and it’s at the expense of the folding process. If you start looking at how to store every type of clothes, you can save a huge space. For example, the shirts and the woolen clothes you can put them on the stairs, and hang the huge jackets only.

More shelves :

If you notice that there is a big rise between each shelf and another, you can distribute some extra shelves between the original shelves to maximize the space!

Use the floor too :

Don’t waste space, especially floor space in the dressing room. You can put accessory boxes and cosmetics on the floor, down the outstanding jackets and so you won’t need a special table to put accessory boxes or to put cosmetics.

Install holds on your closet door :

Don’t forget to invest the closet door too! You can put holder inside doors to provide storage for all kinds of things (such as belts, tie, scarf, etc…). Make sure that the size of the holders is small and suitable to install it on the door, you can just stick to the door to avoid drilling.

In this article, we know about 5 simple tips and tips that will include an additional storage space for your dressing room.