Floor types and how to choose the right one for you

Choosing the kind of floor for your home is an important matter. In regards to costs and the quality of the materials to use, and how often the floor needs a maintenance. That’s how it makes so important for home owners the desire to make sure for the right choice.

If you find yourself in the similar problem, you’re in the right place to learn and gain some ideas about it. Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to choose the right floors for any room of your home. Check out some great options and tips that can be used for choosing the right floor.

Wood Floor :

Solid wood looks very nice. It’s easy to maintain clean. Just a vacuum cleaner will do. But, the cost is the biggest flaw in these kind of floors. The Solid wood makes sound when you walk on it. Real solid timber need to be revised sometimes if used in many places and water can make the solid timber damage.

To overcome the negatives and to benefit the pros, the best place for wooden earth is in the living room and bedrooms, it will look good and elegant. And with this kind of floor you can also use carpets.

Tiles :

One of the good features of ceramic tile is, it is durable, and it is water and dirt resistance. The tiles come in a variety of sizes and materials, such as marble, limestone and granite. In addition, tiles are easy to clean. Stains will not be a big concern. Speaking of the best rooms suitable for tiles, bathrooms and kitchen are perfect place for this since tiles are waterproof. We recommend to use the large sizes for the halls and boards as it is easy to clean and to take care of.

Vinyl Floor :

Like carpets, the vinyl floor reduces noise and comfortable under feet, It is also inexpensive compared to some types of flooring. Although vinyl has come a long way and it can look like wood or tiles, it doesn’t look as good as real. On the other point, vinyl floors don’t stand up well to heavy loads, it can be damaged by sharp objects. Too much exposure to sunlight and temperatures the colors may fade.

We know in this article the most famous and used floors, reviews the features of each floor types importantly its advantages and dis advantages we mentioned to help you choose what’s suitable floors for each room.