Design of the Moroccan Majlis in Villas and Palaces with the Latest Fashion

Design of the Moroccan Majlis in Villas and Palaces with the Latest Fashion

Owners of villas and palaces majorly focus on the design of Majlis , which is the most important place because it is the house’s façade and the place of guests’ reception. The first impression of visitors when they enter the council is the distinctive design, the accuracy of details, its grandeur and its consistency with the general layout of the house, which greatly reflects the taste and character of the house owners.

In this sense, we always find that the design of the Majlis in the villas and palaces, whether for men or women, takes the greatest part of attention and care when choosing the interior design of the house. Because of its importance, it is necessary to heavily focus on several fundamentals of the selection of designs to be more beautiful, elegant and suitable for the general appearance of villas and palaces.

The Latest Design of the Moroccan Majlis in Villas and Palaces

  • Whether they are men’s or women’s Majlis , the area of the council is heavily controlled when designing. Therefore, the space and the design must be determined at the beginning in order to be implemented. However, the dominant features of the Moroccan   Majlis are the large spaces that receive the largest number of guests, friends and family. So that, the size of the sofas used in these Majlis , especially for men with the general space should be considered.
  • The choice of colors that make the Majlis more prestigious and simple whether calm colors or the degrees of bright colors, with the possibility of adding some of the Moroccan hammering on the walls.
  • Ensure the use of high-quality fabrics to the sofa and to focus on the sponge’s type, since it is one of the most used rooms in the villas or palaces.
  • Curtains’ colors and the type of cloth should be selected with a great quality in order to be harmonized with the colors of sofas and furniture.
  • Floor and carpets are also essential elements to be focused on when designing large Majlis . It is important to ensure the consistency between the colors of curtains and walls with the sofas.
  • Pick some simple accessories to add an aesthetic touch to the council.

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