Decoration steps

Decoration steps

The decor is an art that requires many delicate steps to be followed by creative and tasteful designer

What the decorator must focus on?

First : Planning

Planning is considered to be the most important step in the designing process as it is the cornerstone and a very important factor when setting the basic principles of design.

 Planning is done by :

The first thing is visiting the place, whether it is a house, a cafe or a room

After visiting the place, the designer must determine its dimensions in order to be aware of the design nature on which he will depend

He will then determine the means and methods to use in the design through his visit and scrutinize the details of the place and its dimensions

Define the appropriate colors and distribute the furniture according to the customer needs and taste

Define a suitable budget for the design to be appropriate and agreeable with the place that will be designed

The planning stage is a paper-work, which is a small project before starting to design in a three-dimensional way to implement it on the ground

Second : Implementation

After the careful planning of the project, the appropriate budget, the approval of the 3D designs and after determining what the most appropriate colors is, comes the most important stage, which is one of the most crucial stages is the implementation process that brings out what was on paper, designs and plans to reality on the ground

The beginning of the implementation is to put designs and schemes on the ground and to adopt color samples and choose the shapes required in accordance with the design and reality

The brilliant designer is the creative man who knows how to do things accurately and professionally through proper thinking and continuous planning

Accuracy and professionalism is an important task can be only found within those who master their work and set their goals.