Decor Mistakes that make your home look smaller

Have you noticed lately that your home looks small, and space is suffocated as if the walls of the house are approaching each other?

The reason for this feeling is a mistake in designing your home decor, and we will show you in this article 9, Mistakes in decor that make your home look smaller.

Lots of furniture

Your organized and beautiful room can turn into a room filled with chaos, by adding more furniture. Your home furniture must fill the room space in a way that creates enough and beautiful space at the same time. If you feel like your room is small, try to remove or transfer one piece of furniture and you’ll be amazed by the space you’ll get!

Furniture Distribution method

Sometimes your problem doesn’t have a lot of furniture; it’s how you do it. Change your furniture placement, and you’ll notice a big difference in the space.

Lack of lighting

Don’t allow your home to fall, a victim of weak lighting, you need to rely on more than a source of lighting, you must make your room bright. But don’t overdo too much lighting, this will reverse the decor, moderation is the best.

The increase in wall decorating

The increase in the wall’s decoration leads to the tightness of the wall, giving a feeling of tightness, the best ornamental relief and will feel the increase of the space.

Inconsistent furniture color with wall color

The presence of a dark color wall with dark color furniture also leads to the feeling of the tightness of the place, if the color of the wall is better, the color of the furniture will be open.

The use of long and confident curtains

It’s better to remove those curtains that dangle to the earth level and replace them with a thin and slow-cut another around a circular axis.

Scattered purposes

In fact, the scattered things in the room are the number one enemy of the space, the toys of the scattered children, the leaves scattered here and there, the non-Salary, and the clothes placed in the non-place. A Nutshell When things are not in their place can feel a sudden decrease in your room space, being organized is the solution to this problem.

Diversity in the shape of the floor

The multiple forms of floors in one house give the room a look that suggests a small one, preferably with your room on a type and a unified form of the earth to avoid the feeling room.

Busy house entrance

The entrance of your home gives an initial impression of the corner of your home, and often this impression does not change except hard. So it is recommended that you leave the entrance of the house tidy and large so that several visitors can enter your home without feeling crowded.

And that’s how we have the reason to feel a narrow space for the house. We hope you have been you from this information.

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