The art of choosing the decor colors

The art of choosing the decor colors


The art of choosing the right colors to have more beautiful home

Colors are considered one of the decoration secrets for houses and various spaces and places, so we must ensure to choose the appropriate colors to fit with our space, needs and taste, in addition to adding luxury to our councils

Colors are also one of the most important factors that determine how success the project is, as the experience of the designer and his knowledge of the world of colors and degrees are the basis on which to give life to his designs and ideas.


Here are some tips to help you choose the best colors :

1- Use light colors for the sitting rooms to give vitality to the place

2- Wood colors give luxury and sophistication to the sitting rooms, and it is better to use dark degrees with light walls

3- Dependence on light blue, this color is very calm and brings the rest for the nerves, that is why specialists advise to adopt this color for those suffering from anxiety and tension, because it is very useful for providing calm and tranquility

4- The dark blue color is a stricter color and indicates strength, it is usually used in young and teenagers rooms especially those who love adventures. The blue color can be mixed with white color or any other light color

5- Green is the color of hope, brightness and vitality, often used in the rooms that spreads the psychological comfort.