Common questions in the world of decor

We are receiving a dozen messages on our website every day, and in this article, we offer you the most common questions in the world of decor, which are the best design experts in the design company.

First question : how much does decor design cost ?

Answer : at the beginning, the answer to this question may seem easy, but in fact, it is difficult to give a precise answer to the price, it is possible that prices range from $500 to $8000 for the house, according to several things. :

The required amount of work : Prices Vary by different construction space, and the number of rooms required.

The Price of the materials used : the price of the decoration is different from the price of the required materials and the way they use

Time to accomplish the design : where the cost varies between simple and complex decor, simply needs a little design time and a few prices compared to the complex decor design that needs creativity and longer time.

Second question : how long will it take to work on decor ?

Answer : the time required for the design of decor is different from its simplicity or complexity, but with fast customer service, the design company and has the speed and craftsmanship of the business and gives impressive results in quality and accuracy. Implementation.

Question three : what are the materials used in decor ?

Answer : there is no specific type of materials, you can order materials that suits you in terms of quality and price, and you can also leave us this task where we choose you the most beautiful decorations that suit you with the best materials and the price of it.

Question four : what style of decoration you preferred ?

Answer : we will adopt the style you chose, or we can identify the style we see fit according to the desired purpose of the decor; you can choose between:

Traditional Design of the three floristry : Classic, Eastern and western.

Contemporary Design : where you find our latest and finest modern designs.

A design that is an idea : where we can express your idea whether using one pattern of previous patterns or using the combination of traditional and contemporary doodle according to your taste and your style.

Question five : how old is your company and how many employees of the company ?

Answer : the design company was founded in the beginning of the year (2016), the main goal of the company was to make design and planning the first step and most important in all decor works and to save time, effort, money and achieve the best-planned results for everyone.

The design company has originated after our feedback of the market’s lack of such service, and the need of the population for professional designers for their homes, this company has provided us with the designers of designers and the adequacy of the staff who are willing to work with you and answer your inquiries round the clock.