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How to Combine Classic Decor with Modern Decor

How to Combine Classic Decor with Modern Decor

There are people who like the classical decor and at the same time love the modern decor. In this case, the combination of the two styles is the perfect solution to obtain a house with the desired taste. The mixture of classical decoration with the modern decoration, if it is done in the right way, can produce an artistic palette. In this article, we will show you dear reader how to merge the modern and classic together to reach a new and modern style.


Ideas to Combine Classic Decoration with Modern Decor Inside the House:

  1. The basic bedding of the bedroom, dining room or lounge can be chosen in modern style, while the rest of the luxuries and accessories are in the classic style that are chosen to match each other.
  2. In the modern- style room, wooden tables with oriental design, whether shaped, domed, octagonal and even shelled, can be added to one of its corners.
  3. Using copper accessories such as pots and jugs and integrating them with the modern style in a harmonious manner.
  4. Adding paintings that contain old pictures and hanging them randomly, resulting in a wonderful fusion between the classical decor and the modern decor.
  5. Choose the modern furniture and decorate the room with lanterns that are used with essential oils and candles. This adds to the place a beautiful appearance.
  6. A simple classic session can be chosen and decorated with a classic design with chosen classic curtains.
  7. In the kitchen, you can choose modern colors such as red and orange and choose wood and shelves of the traditional style.
  8. Some of the made mistakes by some are to divide the place into semi-modern half and the other into classic. This is not only a defect in the style of decoration. However, it is better to choose one model and to place the room with one piece or two pieces of the other model, that we combine the two styles to reach a new and modern style.
  9. It is nice to look for a unique piece in its form and color of the other style, as if adding a unique modern piece to a classic- style room. Then, it will be the focal point in the design of the room.

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