Carpets, rags, and ways of choosing them

Although the choice of carpets is driven by personal taste, there are some simple indicators that will help you choose the right carpets for your home.

To get the best choice for your carpet, it is necessary to choose the carpet fibers that suit your needs.

Carpet Fiber Types :

To choose the right fiber to find, think about its importance in every room. There are three essential types of carpet fibers :

Nylon, Polyester, and PolyPro (the authors) are all of the common synthetic fiber used in carpets.

They are a petrochemical fiber derived from oil or natural gas.

Wool is the essential natural fiber used in carpets.

1 Nylon :

Nylon is the most powerful and resistant carpet type.

Preferably for homes where pets and children exist and for those who enjoy a lot. Perfect for thick traffic in lanes and stairs.

Nylon Properties are excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance, dyeing ingenuity, and design flexibility which makes it a great choice.

2 Polyester :

It’s known that polyester looks fancy, and it’s great.

Even though it’s not as flexible as nylon, polyester offers good quality if it’s built correctly.

3 Wool :

Wool has excellent aesthetic properties. Modern Industrial Fiber is characterized by superior engineering performance. But it didn’t fully achieve the natural of the wool.

Carpet Wool comes from New Zealand, Argentina, and the UK, etc. The term “Berber”, which is now considered a kind of construction, originated from some natural wool colors used in the manufacture of carpets.

The importance of having carpets at home :

Make the beauty, performance, value, and sustainability of the carpets the right choice for your home.

Carpet-covered floors are working to relieve the effect of the slippery and reduce the noise.

Facilitating the learning and focus process. Today’s carpets are eco-friendly, designed to resist stains and fade, and carry a lot of traffic on foot.

Adds beauty and elegance to your home.

Improves the quality of air in closed places.

Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have witnessed an improvement in symptoms due to the presence of carpets at home.

The actual thermal insulation carpets and resistance in climates or cold seasons provide the warm air for a longer period, an advantage to maintain energy.

Carpets also provide a comfortable place to sit, play or work, and also give the room a warmer feeling in general.

Carpets provide safety protection for all members of the family, but especially for young children and older people.

Ways to choose carpets for your home :

The Length of your carpet depends on how quality it is made. Building quality will affect the durability, appearance, and price of the carpets and are more affected by the evolution of fiber and the density of the tufts.

Fiber: it is the same carpet material, single fiber is spun together to produce two-layer, three or four-Layer Threads, and then it is tied to a woven insulation.

Lint indicates high fiber.

Density : is the measure of the appropriateness of fiber threads for each other.

The higher the density, the stronger the carpet.

Weight : the weight of the face refers to the amount of fiber located on the carpet surface, while the total weight includes support and latex too. The height of the face weight is a good indicator of quality.

When using weight to compare carpets, make sure you compare similar materials, such as nylon to nylon, not nylon to polyester.

The texture comes: from the pattern in which the throne of fiber is made, twisted or cut. This determines the shape and texture of the carpets, and plays a great role in its store.

You can choose from several thousand patterns of carpets and carpets.

This means that your final choice will reflect how you want to customize your living space.

Carpets can be basically neutral, or it can be a pivotal point with vibrant colors and stronger, bolder patterns.

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